Love in a Different Key: The Film



After a successful first run of the musical in December 2019, we have decided to bring Love in a Different Key to our much appreciated audience in an entirely new format. The creator, writer and producer of the musical, Essence Mason has decided to produce the film version along with her production team, For Art’s Sake 125. This special adaptation will be written by frequent collaborator, Chanel Samuels. Many people have inquired about contribution opportunities, which is amazing. We have created this page specifically for those interested in assisting with this creative effort. Thank you in advance.

About Love in a Different Key:

Love in a Different Key is a love story, which was created by writer and producer, Essence Mason, with musical contributions by her partner in music, Venor Yard. The musical was co-directed by Chanel Samuels and Malcolm Smith, with Simone Smith as Assistant Director. The cast included Ariel Blackwood, Bosa Mora, George Ross II, Norlette Nichole, Imani Gooden, Rene’ Henry and Jazzy Mason.



This couple’s business has been more about Andre than his longtime girlfriend, Alicia, whose passion seems to have been long forgotten. When an old acquaintance shows up and the person she thought she knew best begins to switch up on her, Alicia is reminded of the one thing she has always loved, and she is forced to decide whether or not she’ll finally make a move that will benefit Alicia.


Live performance clip from December 2019:




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Your gift will contribute to rehearsals, locations, filming, staffing, wardrobe, craft services and all other production costs, and payment of cast.




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