NEW YORK, NY – October 21, 2019 – Rehearsal have begun for the musical production, Love in a Different Key, which premieres in New York City at the close of 2019.

Love in a Different Key is a story that follows a woman by the name of Alicia as she navigates through this journey of love and career, and is eventually forced to make a decision that could change her life. The show features a seven-person cast and is backed by a producer, writer, directors and a stage manager who all happen to be part of the film production company, For Art’s Sake 125.

“This is a new journey, we’re working with a fresh script, and we’ve talked about getting into the live play scene for a while. We’re completely hands-on and we plan to give our best to this love story,” says Essence Mason.

Love in a Different Key’s debut will consist of a one-day performance and will take place just in time for the holidays.

Details about the production can be found at

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